How to get rid of man boobs - declare war on the men's breast!

how to get rid of man boobs

Here you can find out how to get rid of your male breasts. Depending on the cause, there are different practices that have proven themselves. After reading, you will know exactly what to do to get rid of your bosom. Don't put your head in the sand because it's easy than you might think!

It is estimated that every eleventh man suffers from male breasts. It is terrible for those affected. They feel uncomfortable in their skin and are reluctant to take off their tops. Even when the upper body is covered, the men's breasts can often be seen, which causes shame and ridicule.

In many cases, the problem is downplayed or even ignored. There are ways to get rid of your male breasts. Some of them are healthy and sustainable. Some are not.

However, you first need to know that everybody is different. In order to get rid of your male breasts, you first need to clarify what are your causes and where a male breast comes from.

What are men's breasts anyway?

A male breast, also called gynecomastia or lipomastia, is a collection of fat in the chest area of the man. The breast looks like that of a woman.

The word gynecomastia consists of the two words "gyna", which means "woman" in Greek and the word "mastos", which means "breast". Men suffering from a breast of women are unfortunately very numerous in Germany and other industrialized countries.

In the next section, you will find out what is the cause and what is the underlying cause of you!

How to get rid of man's boobs and understand the causes beforehand

If you want to get rid of your male breasts, you first need to understand where it comes from.

The causes can be varied here. Have them read through carefully and honestly question whether you can find the symptoms on yourself. It doesn't help that you lie to yourself. Only when you are ready for the truth will you be able to find a way to get rid of your breasts afterwards. Ready? Then it starts now!

Lipomastia: too much body fat

Most men's breasts come from the fact that the body has too much excess fat. He deposits it in the chest area for various reasons (more on that later) and a breast forms for men. If your body fat percentage is over 22%, it is time for you to slim down.

Gynecomastia: Your hormone level is out of control

how to get rid of man boobs fast

As a man, you should have a lot of testosterone in your blood. In around 31% of men, however, the value is clearly too low. This means that fat is increasingly stored on the breast, and additional glandular tissue is created.

The reasons for this lie in our modern lifestyle. Meat is treated with hormones and medication; we move little and have an uneven sleep.

Men who suffer from low testosterone levels not only tend to develop a male breast. They also have a holey beard growth, overweight, occasionally feel weak and limp. Your attraction to the female gender does not reach its full potential, and negative emotions are spreading.

Differentiation from gynecomastia

Warning: This article is not about so-called gynecomastia, but about cases of lipomastia, also called pseudogynaecomastia . Gynecomastia describes the benign growth of the male mammary tissue.

People suffering from gynecomastia should always consult a doctor - if they want to get rid of their breasts. The following basic rules will not be successful in gynecomastia.

Medical advice

If you have a male breast, you should first consult a doctor to find out whether you have gynecomastia or lipomastia. In addition, the individual hormone balance should be checked.

In so-called pseudogynecomastia, you can intervene in a regulating manner. However, you have to follow a few basic principles to counteract the increased fat deposits.

Hormone abuse can lead to male breasts

Especially among ambitious hobby athletes, it happens that the body's hormonal balance is manipulated without basic specialist knowledge and without medical care. People want more performance and a better look, and hormones deliver the result.

In many cases, however, the preparations are contaminated, incorrectly dosed, or taken in combination with incompatible agents. In addition, the intake is not monitored by a doctor, and side effects are not treated.

This often leads to damage to the hormonal balance. This can result in the formation of male breasts.

You need to drink less alcohol to get rid of your breasts

how to get rid of man boobs fat
how to get rid of man boobs fast

Alcohol is a poison and has many harmful side effects for the human body. Many alcoholic beverages help to boost your estrogen production. The female hormone supports the fat deposits on the breast and male breasts can develop.

For this reason, you should significantly reduce your alcohol consumption.

You should completely remove the following drinks:
  • beer
  • cocktails
  • Long drinks
  • Sweet wine

If you find it difficult to ban alcohol from your life, you should stick to the following drinks:
  • Clear schnapps
  • Dry wine

Exercise and get rid of men's breasts

While women usually do everything possible to emphasize their breasts as much as possible and to make them appear larger and fuller with various home remedies and exercises, the opposite is the case with men’s breasts. Men who have a significant “male breast” due to obesity want to do something about it.

Exercise is important when it comes to fighting men's breasts. However, many sufferers go to the gym and train the pectoral muscles like crazy. You should definitely not do this.

The body does not burn the stored fat at the point where the stressed muscle lies. There is no local fat burning.

What your breast training does is that your chest muscle grows and your breasts gain volume. It may not be in your interest.

We recommend a balanced sports program that is aimed at reducing your body fat percentage. Limit yourself to multi-joint exercises such as squats, bench presses, pull-ups, rowing and deadlifts and supplement these with endurance sports.

The following chest exercises are useful if you want to train the men’s chest away.

Bench Press

The pectoral muscle exercise par excellence, which can also help against men’s breasts, is the bench press (also called chest press ), of which there are several variants. For this, dumbbells are used to train the pectoral muscles by lifting and lowering and thereby reducing fat at the same time. The exercises are often carried out in the gym, but with a minimum of accessories and equipment for weight lifting, they can also be practiced easily at home.

A simple but effective variant is the dumbbell press, in which you lie on your back on the floor. The feet are raised, and the legs bent. The arms are stretched upwards, at right angles to the upper body. Dumbbells are held in both hands, with the palms facing outward in the so-called hammer grip. Now lower your arms until your upper arms rest on the floor and slowly raise the dumbbells again. If you want to intensify the training, you only take one arm with a barbell up and down alternately.

Pushups and pushups jumps

Another classic in chest muscle building and chest muscle training is the pushups. They are repeated as often as possible, whereby you can slowly increase. Pushup jumps are somewhat more difficult and effective. It is advisable to start closely and put your arms close to your head under your shoulders. Heels, buttocks, and head form a straight line. Then you stretch your arms abruptly to get up so that your hands are briefly lifted off the floor. Spread your arms in the air and put your hands further away from your shoulders. After the explosive coming up again, you put your hands tight again.


This exercise against male breasts can be done on a bench with dumbbells or on another seat like a stool with heavy bottles as weights. You lie on your back with your feet on the floor with your legs bent. The arms are stretched straight to the side, at the level of the bed, so that they form a right angle to the body. Now you bring your arms together towards your body, like a flying movement, The arms are stretched so that the palms face each other. The elbows are slightly bent, and the arms are slowly moved outwards. You feel a stretching sensation in the chest and hold the position briefly before the arms are brought forward again to the upper body. One tightens the pectoral muscles without bringing the arms too close to each other.

Coatings on the Swiss Ball

Again, these are chest muscle exercises that are known from the gym, and that can be done at home, although they are more for advanced users. You lie on your back on the Swiss Ball so that only your upper back is supported. The feet are shoulder-width apart, the legs bent, the pelvis raised. You hold a dumbbell in both hands and stretch your arms vertically upwards. Then slowly lower your arms back towards your head. You keep them stretched and remain in this position for a few seconds with a straight line from the thighs, torso and arms.


If you buy a rowing machine at home, you can use it to train your chest muscles. Just ten minutes of pulling motion can help burn chest fat and train the pectoral muscles. After that, you can increase up to 30 minutes every few days. Ideally, this exercise should be combined with fitness training and endurance sports for general fat loss.

Change your diet

You eat a lot of industrially manufactured foods. They contain large amounts of unhealthy fats, salt and sugar. It is time for you to prepare your own food. You don't need a diet where you count every calorie and prepare your meals from the same foods.

Just make sure you use lots of natural ingredients. Eat vegetables, fruits and high-quality meat, as well as fish. Avoid sugar and fast food. The more unprocessed food is, the more it will contribute to your health.

Increase the testosterone level and get rid of the breasts quickly

Your testosterone level plays an essential role in the development of men's breasts. It is most likely too low. If you answer "yes" to two of the following questions, you have to change something:
  • Can you pinch your chest fat with your thumb and forefinger?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to get out of bed?
  • Isn't your fat burning the fastest?
  • Do you have weak or holey beard growth?
  • Do you feel depressed sometimes?

Don't worry if you have to answer "yes" to two or more questions. Many men suffer from low testosterone levels. To get rid of your male breast, it's time to fix this.

Under no circumstances do I advise you to buy testosterone supplements. Injecting the hormone externally will only make your problems worse. The much smarter approach is to fix the causes of under-testosterone production.

The following steps will result in your body producing significantly more testosterone again :
  • Weight training with high weights
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Taking Tongkat Ali (insider tip)
  • At least 7 hours of sleep a day
  • More fresh air
  • More sun
  • Eat more protein

Don't pick the points you like now. It is better if you implement them all immediately. This is how you act against your men's chest on a broad front. It has been with you for such a long time. Imagine how great your life would be without her. Isn't it worth the change? Decide for yourself!

Get rid of men's breast surgery - the doctor can help

If you are completely frustrated and want to get rid of your male breast quickly, the doctor can help you with this, as a first step, you need to see your family doctor first. He will examine you, and you will complain about your suffering. Then he transfers you to a urologist. This will determine your testosterone level and determine if you have gynecomastia.

If this is the case, it can be removed surgically.

Even if you have lipomastia, a doctor can help you. More specifically, going to a plastic surgeon will be worthwhile. This can help with liposuction to get rid of your male breast.

Does the health insurance company pay for the operation?

It depends on the individual case whether the health insurance company takes care of removing a men's breast. First of all, everything has to be tried to solve the problem without surgery. Only if these attempts fail is there a chance that the health insurance company will agree to the assumption of costs.

In the case of lipomastia

If your male breast was triggered by an excess of body fat, i.e. you suffer from lipomastia, the health insurance will not cover the costs of operation. Here you are on your own if you want to get rid of your men's breasts. To do this, follow the steps above!

In the case of gynecomastia

Men who suffer from gynecomastia must first have it certified by a doctor. An application for reimbursement of costs can then be submitted to the health insurance company, which usually initially refuses to pay the costs, but there is a good chance that the treatment will ultimately be paid for. Your doctor can give you more information about this.

Conclusion: How to get rid of man boobs

Your male breast is a big problem in your life, and it is time to solve it. Chances are you're not having gynecomastia but lipomastia, and the most common cause is poor nutrition, under-exercise, and low testosterone levels. You can influence all of these three factors yourself and change them in your life now.

Those who adhere to these basic rules have good chances of getting rid of their men's breasts by losing weight. It may also be the case, however, that it becomes noticeable through excess skin despite the loss of body weight.

In that case: You should also consult a doctor here to discuss the possibility of surgery.

With these 6 steps, you will get rid of your male breast, increase your testosterone level and get a more attractive body. Are you strong enough to bring about this change, or will you continue to stay in your old ways and feel sorry for yourself? And get a more attractive body. Are you strong enough to make this change, or will you continue to stay in your old habits and feel sorry for yourself?

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